hi guys its me with the craftsman


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hi guys its me with the craftsman

well i just thought i'd update you guys with the good ol Craftsman-after getting it out of the shop, i got to use it a big whopping 2 times and guess what, yep, the thing broke again. i would pull on the cord and it was like nothing. pulled real easy like it wasnt wound-up or something. sooooo, back to the shop. remember i just spent money on the thing a few weeks ago. so the guy at the shop acted like no big deal, come back in a week and get it.
well, just as the week was about up, sure enough he calls me at work. says i cant fix this without knowing what the serial-model # is. says it 2 springs that hold something that has to do with the rope. well, if you remember when i was trying to look it up on the net when i was dealing with the tank, i took that greasy paper off , it had a # missing, i could never find anything relating to it, so to the trash it went.
well, because the guy calls me at work, im like yea, yea yea i'll look for it, knowing already i tossed it, but he yack-yack-yack and i was just wanting to hang up. so i guess i'm out of luck now huh?you would think there would be some kind of parts bible that has the million gillion parts with pictures to match up. we havce a big fat book like that with all manufactors for eyeglass frames. how not universial could this part be? what do you think guys? fixable or torch it?

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I think if it's a Craftsman its a Poulan, go to Wal-mart and find a Poulan or Weedeater that looks like your Craftsman and search from there. If you can find a Sears model number xxx.xxxxx you can go to www3.sears.com and see what it looks like and a parts list. That big manufacturers book you use could probably be reduced to one page, it would say China. Have a good day. Geo

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