Stihl mini-boss - no power


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Stihl mini-boss - no power

Hey All,

I have a Stihl 180cc mini-boss chainsaw that just won't run properly. It is several years old but has BARELY been used and lately it's just a dog.

It used to run great and I recently tried to do some trimming with it and it has now power when cutting. It idles but will not reach any high rpm's when given gas and I can't even think about cutting even wrist size branches b/c they stop the chain.

I put a brand new plug in, cleaned the air filter, blew out the carb with an air compressor and adjusted the idle screw. Still no power. It won't rev up and when you try and make a cut, it basically just stops.

Can anyone give me some ideas of what the problem might be?


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First try taking the muffler off to see if it or the exhoust ports is clogged.And while you're there look inside the cylinder to see if there are any scarring.

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