Blower Shuts Off


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Blower Shuts Off

I Have a Poulan PBV200. It was my grandfathers so I would like to get it working right. I got the blower and it worked fine. It had sat a while in his garage before I got it. I use it for work to blow out garages and decks. It probably worked good for about 2 months, then it started after about 10-15 minutes of use it would start to loose power until it shut off.

I have cleaned the air filter
replaced fuel filter
used Carb cleaner
added more oil to mixture
replaced spark plug

I have noticed that before this that the rubber spark plug had bubbled up just a little (maybe over heating ?) I know that after it shuts off I can let it sit 5 minutes and it will start or I can press the ignition bulb about 5 times and it will start back up but only run a short amount of time. Any ideas appreciated. I dont want to put a lot of money into this. So if you think I should replace it let me know a good replacement brand. Thank You
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First, I would make sure you are running the proper oil ratio. Adding more oil to the mix may not hurt but it's probably not a good place to start.

I would remove the carb., disassemble it and give it a good cleaning. Just spraying carb cleaner around usually does not get into the jets and smaller passages. It might have a partially clogged jet making it run lean which can cause it to overheat.
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I will give that a try next week. Thank you for your time. I will do what you said and post back if it works or not. Thank you again.
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Might try one last check before tearing into the carb. Start and run it until the symptoms rear up, then when it dies try loosening the fuel cap and re-trying it.
A pluged fuel vent in the cap could be all your faced with.
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Also check for a clog muffler.


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