Older Craftsman chainsaw oiler


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Older Craftsman chainsaw oiler

I've been searching old posts but have not found one to answer my questions. I have a new Craftsman saw the I am replacing the oil pump on, that was very straight forward and easy. Our old saw I fired up and of course the oiler is not working. It' s a Craftsman 358.357181, the manual says its from 1990. It runs good and I can't figure out how the oiling system works. The oil tank has 2 small cut outs that go the the foam filter that surrounds some kind of valve(metering body?). This filter and valve are accessable from the outside of the saw, it just a metal cover plate. On the backside of this valve is a hose that runs up to the outlet for the bar/chain. I'm assuming the oil is pored in the tank, goes through the filter, into the valve and run up to the oil outlet for the bar/chain. I can blow air through the valve and out the outlet, so I know it not clogged. So, what I don't get is how does the oil get to the outlet? Pressure? I thought the only hose I saw in the oil tank was the one that ran from the valve to the outlet. I don't know much about saws so I am assuming I am missing something.

I know this saw is not worth much but its the point of making it run right.

Thanks for any help and let me know if I need to further explain.

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If this one doesn't have an oiling pump, then it may be one of the few that were oiled by a pressurized tank. The tank is pressurized by the engine crankcase. Check all gaskets, including the carb gasket for tight fit and no tears.
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This unit does pressurize the oil reservoir, by way of a passageway from the crankcase, directly to the reservoir. There is also a check valve involved that is, likely, the culprit of your trouble. In the same vicinity of the of the metering assembly (which you referred to as the "filter and valve," I believe) there is a plug looking screw which requires a #3 common (flat blade) screwdriver to remove. I'd replace both the metering assembly as well as the check valve if it were me. Valve part number 530069142 and assembly part number 530010195.
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Thanks everyone

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