Head Removal (Lawn Mower)


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Question Head Removal (Lawn Mower)

I went to mow my Dad’s grass the other day, but was unable to crank the mower. It is a Snapper walk-behind with a Honda OHV engine, about 4-5 years old. It ran a couple of weeks ago when my grandson mowed my Dad’s lawn. I suspected that it did not have any compression, so I removed the spark plug (which looked like it had been running rich, but not oil fouled). I stuck my finger over the plug hole and pulled the cord. Sure enough, there was next to no compression. All I got was a slight “chuff” through the carburetor. I suspect that I have either a burned intake valve, or at least carbon build-up which keeps it from sealing on the compression stroke. If this were a regular old flat-head engine, I would have no qualms about removing the head and lapping the valves. However, I have never removed as much as a valve cover on one of the more modern mower engines. What is involved in removing and reinstalling the head in one of these Honda motors? Thanks
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Nothing to it. I'd much rather do a valve job to an ohv engine than a flathead. In general you just pull the head bolts, intake bolts, and exhaust, and pull the head off. Just be sure to remove anything that is holding the head in place. The pushrods will probably fall out. Note which rod goes to which valve and mark them as such. It may not matter on this engine, but it doesn't hurt to mark them anyway. The head or block probably has line-up pins. Watch to be sure these don't fall out and get lost.
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I'm just trying to figure out the family. You were mowing your dad's lawn and your grandson also used the mower. So is that four generations mowing the lawn?

Pulling the head on an overhead valve engine is not too bad. If you can do a flat head you can do it there are just a few more parts. Just take notes or lay everything out in the order you removed it. You should find out the valve clearance for your engine (nope, I don't know...).
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You have it right, Pilot. My grandson usually mows his great-grandparent's lawn, but his football practice and school schedule had not allowed him time to do it this week, so I did it. (I went to my house and brought my own when I could not start my Dad's mower.)

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