Yard tractor Synthetic Oil ??


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Yard tractor Synthetic Oil ??

I recently bought a John Deere 155c at Lowes, and it is due for it's first oil change. Any pros or cons using mobile 1 in the engine? The owners manual doesn't say not to. It just recommends a J.D. oil or equivilent with SG or better rating.


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The JD part of the mower isn't nearly as important as the engine numbers if it's a B&S, TEC, Honda, Koler, whatever etc. it is always best to go by what the Mfg. recommends in that you will not void any warrany's. If you will look at the top of this link it has a spec. list for most small engines. Have a nice day, Geo
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Mobil ones perfectly fine...... use it in mine myself.

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