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Broken lawnmower

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Join Date: Aug 2006
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08-27-06, 05:38 PM   #1  
Broken lawnmower


I have a cheap lawnmower with a 2.5 hp briggs and stratton engine.

Ran over a hidden metal box and the engine stopped.

Now it seems like it is seized, at first I couldnt pull cord at all now pulling is 10x more difficult so I stopped trying.

Is the mower taost? Can I fix it?

Advice is appreciated.

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08-27-06, 06:37 PM   #2  
2.5hp engine? Sure it's not 3.5? Try turning it over with the spark plug out and see if it turns easily then.

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Join Date: Sep 2005
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08-27-06, 09:59 PM   #3  
Have you taken a look at the blade and crank? (and yes, I believe you are talking about a 3.5, not 2.5 as they never went lower then 3hp on them)

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Join Date: Jun 2006
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08-28-06, 08:43 AM   #4  
If after checking the blade and crankshaft for straightness(with the sparkplug out) you find they are ok you will then want to check the flywheel key it may have sheared and the engine is now out of time and trying to fire at the wrong time(it's the little key that aligns the flywheel to the crankshaft). Have a nice day. Geo

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Join Date: Dec 2003
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08-28-06, 02:59 PM   #5  
Well I'm not a gambling man but I'll put my money on a severely bent crank. There are times when it bends, that it'll chew up the bottom pan thus locking it up so you can't turn it over easily.
Best bet......start looking for another one.


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08-28-06, 06:35 PM   #6  
I'm with Geogrubb on this one. My bet is on the sheared flywheel key Roger

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Join Date: Aug 2006
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08-28-06, 08:36 PM   #7  
It is a 4 HP engine.

I looked it over today and neither the shaft nor blade appear to be bent, I can't see any damage. I can turn the blade with diffculty.

I will take the plug out tomorrow and see if there is any difference.

A couple of times I managed to pull it to the point where I heard the engine turn, it sounded normal just much slower than normal, these times I was probably only getting it to turn about 10% of normal.

I assume checking the flywheel key requires dissassembly?

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Join Date: Sep 2005
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08-28-06, 10:23 PM   #8  
I'm sure you were holding down the handle when you were checking the blade?

check both (the flywheel brake) and the flywheel key at the same time..... yes it means the shroud must come off, flywheel unbolted and removed to check the key.

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