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No Spark...

We recently aquired an old log splitter as a "community tool" for the neighborhood. It has a 5hp Briggs & Stratton vertical engine. The problem is that there is no spark at all. Does anyone know the procedure to pinpoint the problem as well as repair it? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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If you can find the kill wire, prolly attatching to the throttle assy, check it with a meter and see if it shorted to ground.
If not you most likely have bad points or a coil. You did say older and probably has points under the flywheel. This is the most likely cause.
Changing the points is less money in parts but more work. Another option could be to purchase a new coil that does not use points. A general test for the coil, with an ohm meter from the high tension lead (spark plug lead) to ground on the coil should read any where from 2k ohm to 8k ohm. This is not a definative test but if the readings are far out of this range its a likely suspect.
Even if the points are the actual problem you may very well be ahead to replace the coil with one not requiring points. The points can be left intact and the wire snipped.
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If the first 2 digit`s on the code # is high that 85, than there are no points, it` electronic ignition.

Check for corrosion at the end of the lead wire. dis connect the lead wire from the spark plug. Remove the rubber boot (if so equipped). Bend the round connection away from the lead wire and scrape the end of the lead wire until you can see the copper color of the wire. Bend the connection back and make sure that it is in contact with the copper wiring. Reconnect lead wire to "new" spark plug ( Champion J19LM), ground spark plug and watch electrode for spark. ( keep electrode away from spark plug hole)

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