Hydro slipping out of gear & whinning uphill


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Hydro slipping out of gear & whinning uphill

Hello Cheese and friends,

Just purchased a 96' used Yard-Man 42' 17.5 B&S with a hydrostatic drive. This is my first hydro-drive tractor. After i started mowing in MY yard with HILLS, i noticed that the Hydro drive would slowly ease out of the full forward postion, when i would go up hill or make sharp turns. I also noticed that "Neutral" was a very hard to find (your either creeping in either direction, unless you work the lever a few times) I messed with it, reset the neutral sweet spot and it is still very sensitve, and I tightened a spring (tension) on the scissor mechanicals on the lever/hydro adjustment and it helped a little.
Now when i mow I can make it up the hill without my hand on the lever, but the lever does start to ease back toward the neutral postion again, when i go to push it forward to FULL it whines pretty louding, like i am stalling the hydro. Sooo ...

1. Is hyrdo fluid low or old, need changing? I think this one has a sealed unit though.
2. Is neutral that sensitive on most hydros? Or is this related to my other MAJOR concern?

Being my first Hydro, I really need to know if i am looking at problems and how to fix them.

Thanks in advance,
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Hello squeegee!

Some hydros have a groan/whine, especially when they first take off from a stop. This can be normal if it's not excessive. It sounds like probably your main concern is having it creep out of position. I think tightening the nut at the tranny shifter area will help that.

Take a look at the top of the tranny. If it's covered with grass/dirt, it would be a good idea to clean it off. There should be cooling fins under the input pulley that need to be clean to keep the unit from overheating.
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checked the fan, the blades everythings looks clean and operational. The spring is all the way in (tight) but still ceeps back? Any other tips? Maybe a slipping belt?

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