Weed-Eater LT7000 trimmer


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Question Weed-Eater LT7000 trimmer

I have a gas powered Weed Eater LT7000 that is about 8 years old now and has worked wonderfully for me, but on the weekend the head stopped turning while the engine was still running. I turned it off and started it again and I verified that the head does not turn while motor is running. I am guessing that the drive shaft(flexable shaft part #530094671) has broken, the part is about $20 but how hard is it to replace? Does anybody have a illustrated layout or can give me a step by step procedure? If anyone can help it would be fantastic !!!!
Thanks in advance for any replies!
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Very easy repair job! You need to loosen two screws (allen-head) that clamp the engine housing (plastic) to the shaft housing and the shaft housing will then slide out and you then simply pull out the old drive shaft. Bear in mind that the shaft may be in two or more pieces and you need to be sure you have all of it removed before you install the new drive shaft. You will notice that each end of the shaft will be squared off indicating that this is the end of such. Also, be sure to fully install the shaft housing into the engine housing before tightening the clamp screws back down. If you don't, you'll have no trim head action still.
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thank-you for all your help!!, your advise worked to a "T". My weed eater LT7000 is back in operation thanks to you. I guess thats why your a "moderater", your knowledge really saved me a pile of dough !

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