carb leaks fuel


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Cool carb leaks fuel

after shuting off my trimmer gas pours out of the carb were the choke covers or uncovers the hole
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Try this, Remove the gas cap when you shut it off, it has pressure built up in the tank, that is how some of them work. You have a valve in the carb that is not working properly, you are close to a carb rebuild, until it really gets bad just loosen the gas cap when you are finished using it. Have a nice day. Geo
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The cap-loosening trick is just a bandaid, you need to rebuild the carburetor.
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gas cap trick didnt work

so i had the carb apart very simple but not like car or motorcycles nothing seemed to be damaged the diaph isint cracked maybe a little wrinked hard to tell made out of paper or gasket material. whats the averge cost of rebuild kit. is it worth doing or just get a new trimmer. thanks for the help guys!

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