Mower deck blade nut broken off, jammed in grooves, how to extract?


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Mower deck blade nut broken off, jammed in grooves, how to extract?

I have a John Deere 325 lawn tractor with a 48" mower deck. While mowing, one of my blades struck a hidden metal beam in the grass. This force twisted the nut off holding the blade and the blade and washer fell off. Now I've got the head of the broken nut but the end with the grooves is jammed down in the hole where it screws in. I don't know how to extract it because I can't get ahold of it. Any suggestions? I'm not good with power equipment and I'm afraid if I do anything like put a drill down through the center that I'll simply ruin the threads of the grooves and then have to buy a whole new mower deck. There's got to be an easier way to extract the end of a nut. I hope somebody can help. Jason
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If you do not have access to the remainder of the bolt with visegrips or something your options are very limited, either take it to a shop or do it yourself by drilling a hole in the center of the bolt and using an easyout, just drill a very small hole first in the center then increase the size, that way you can see your progress and not go too far and dammage the threads. Have a nice day. Geo
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If you have axcess to left hand drill bits & a reversable drill motor, you could probably walk the broken bolt out with that.Use Geo's method with the gradually larger bits. Just be paitient with whatever method you use!!)
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It might just be easier to replace the jackshaft. You don't have to replace the whole deck...just the jackshaft. Easy and probably no more then $40.

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