Points location on a Craftsman/Tecumseh engine?


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Points location on a Craftsman/Tecumseh engine?

I have a small Craftsman Leaf Shreader that stopped last year and won't run this year. I've torn the carburator down and throughly cleaned all of the passageways and reassembled it. Reset the magneto gap and cleaned and checked the gap on the plug. The last thing I am attempting to do is replace the points. The problem is I don't find them under the flywheel where my Chilton book says they should be, is it possible that it is electronic ignition? It's not a very new unit but I had it running like a top for two years but now I can't make it run. I've tuned up many B & S small engines but this is my first time with a Tecumseh. What am I missing?
Jack R. Jones
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If you saw no points, then it has none......
Try and take the kill wire off the coil and see if you get anything....
Have you actually tested for spark? If so, how?

If you have and got none...... kill wire removed does nothing, Then its the coil...
Tecumseh switched from points about the same time briggs did, around 83. (forget exactly on tecumseh, but it was about the same time)

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