oil/gas geiser blowing through air filter housing?


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Unhappy oil/gas geiser blowing through air filter housing?

I have a 4 year old 17hp (Murray Rider) B&S 17HP Twin II.. that, when I put it away after last weeks mowing was working fine, or at last seemed to be.

Starting it yesterday however produced tons of smoke with large amounts of gas/oil coming out the exhaust.. After removing the air filter for better viewing of the carb & such.. I noticed that at low throttle it seemed to want to, or did run.. but when giving it full throttle.. this gesier of oily looking gas was shooting into the air filter body through a hole in the bottom, that is coming from a rubber hose, coming from the head (???) Maybe an emissions recirculation hose (not sure).. once the geiser started, the dies.

Any ideas and estimated costs to repair.. I'm guessing that this isn't anything simple that I can fix myself and my mower will be out of commission for several weeks..

All help is appreciated.. Thank you..

Warren, NJ

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Sorry we missed this one. You'll have an issue with the carburetor dumping fuel into the crankcase and will need to remove and recondition the carburetor. Also, be sure to change the engine oil before you run the mower again.

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