is purifier mandatory in compressor for pnuematic gun?


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is purifier mandatory in compressor for pnuematic gun?

hi all,
we have an electrical motor operated portable compressor in our lab (Bristol 2.4-40) inorder to produce compressed air for a pneumatic gun. it runs well and doesn't seem to have any mechanical problem. however we have not inserted the purifier catridge(carbon molecular sieve) in the purifier due to non-availability. is it mandatory that the purifier should be used in the model?
regards, vijeesh

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I'm not familiar with that particular compressor, but generally speaking about regular compressors, no. Most compressors just use an air filter that removes foreign airborn objects from the intake air. Is this some kind of compressor designed for medical or food use?
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The gun you're talking about, is it an impact for tightening & loosening bolts, or one for brad nails in wood?? The biggest concern would be water in the air line, but most of that is stored in the tank that you drain every day. Everyone drains the tank daily, Right, lol??!! Water is hard on air tools so try to keep the air supply line tilted toward the compressor, if using a piping system & take supply drops from the top of the air line with a "T" pointing up. You shouldn't need a filter to use regular air tools, unless this is a special application, as asked before. Roger
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thanks for your response. well, the compressor is used for supplying compressed air for a pneumatic gun which is used to fire projectiles for studying the impact properties of plates. the purifier catridge was missing in the purifier. we wanted to know if it'd be safe to run the compressor without it and if it'd be ok for the barrel of the gun. the catridge is meant for preventing particles of size greater than 10 microns.
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Its possible it could be meant for clean room use. It should only depend on what your application, including tools, requires. If the filter is in the supply/output line, it should have no effect on the compressor.

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