Craftsman 5hp snowblower w/tecumseh engine


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Craftsman 5hp snowblower w/tecumseh engine

I just recently purchased this snowblower,model-536 886440, got it home it had old gas in it, emptied it out, sprayed the carb w/cleaner, replaced the plug.
Now for the problem, it will start after a few pulls, but won't stay running for any more than a minute then it kills. Try to restart it and it it's backfiring. The muffler seems to be extremely hot after running for only a short time.
I am a novice at small engines so I have no idea about adjustments, etc.
No owners manual came with I am totally lost.
Can anyone help??
Thank You in Advance,
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Sounds to me like the carb needs a disassembly and thorough cleaning. From what you describe it is running too lean. Before removing carb make sure there is good flow from tank to carb. the problem may be there instead.
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5HP Tecumseh

Thanks Mike,
That was my next step, I got advice to remove the bowl bolt and check the holes in that when I got it off I noticed the bowl was pretty varnished, cleaned the bowl and the bolt "pin" holes, reassembled and still the same thing. So this weekend I am going to take it apart and do a thorough cleaning. Do you have any advice as to what product to clean it with, I have heard SeaFoam works good....or an tips on disassembly?
Is there a fuel filter or air filter that might be plugged also?
Thank You,
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Might be a good idea to check the flywheel key. Sometimes they can shear just enuff to change the timing and cause symptoms you mention.
NAPA carries a good bath type carb cleaner.

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