Trouble with idle speed on 5hp Briggs.


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Trouble with idle speed on 5hp Briggs.

Hello, I have a 5 hp briggs on a go cart that was recently aquired.


After getting it running, it ran really low rpms, whoever had it, perhaps from the factory Im not sure, had it governed real low.

I loosened up the bolt on the governor arm and adjusted the shaft accordingly, tightened it all back up, and fired it up. Now it revs up nicely (nowhere near max throttle, maybe half or so) but the idle is a bit high. It had idled nice before, but now it needs turned down a tad. It runs smooth either way, otherwise. I can't though figure out how to run it down. I can manually hold the throttle back against the plate with my finger, and its perfect, but once you let go, it surges forward just a tad. It seems as if the governor arm directly effected both the top no load rpm and the idle, I'm not an expert on how it all works.

Should I set the rod on the governor back where it was, and is there another way to adjust the governor? Any help is appreciated.

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Did you set the governor to specs, or just play with it to get it where it is?
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I just played with it slightly as I read on another site.
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Loosen the nut on the governor arm, move the gov,arm to the position where the throttle is held wide open. Hold it in this position while (with a screw driver) turn the Governor shaft "clockwise" as far as it will go. Without changing positions, tighten the nut on the governor arm.
This is the "specified" Governor setting and should not be changed.

To change the governor "speed" settings, bend the tang behind the governor control panel holding the governor spring.

The MAX, governor speed on these engines are 3600 rpm.
Exceeding the max governor speed can and most likely will result in the connecting rod being thrown through the side of the engine block.
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Thank you very much Mike. I'll try this tuesday when I have the time. I appreciate the help!

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