Help with starter pulley for Yardmachine Tiller


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Help with starter pulley for Yardmachine Tiller

I have a Yard Machine/MTD Read Tine Tiller. In case it helps...the Model Number is 21A-422B129 and the Serial number is 1K179K40171. It's about 8 years old.

My husband just tried to start it for me and the Starter Rope broke off. He took the whole case off the machine in order to re-thread the rope. We got the rope back into the hole but it doesn't rewind when pulled.
I saw another thread about a different brand tiller but the advice didn't help because it said to NOT take off the front cover which my husband has already done. I still have the owner's manuel but it does not have any information about the start rope.
I also checked their web site and couldn't find any help there.

Does anyone know how to reconnect the starter rope once it breaks and the cover is off?
Thank you.
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Before inserting the rope, the pulley needs to be completely rewound (counter clockwise). After rewinding the pulley, (if nessisary) back the pulley up until the rope hole is in line with the hole on the starter. Run the rope through the holes, tie a slip knot and carefully release the pulley. Insert the pull handle onto the rope, tie a knot at the end and release the slip knot.

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