conrod specification


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conrod specification

anyone know what specifications a conrod has for a 190707 1148-01 briggs motor? part number 390402? its a motor from 1979 and at my school we got a milling machine, it would be an awesome learning experience if I could make it myself, and my teacher thinks its a good project.

anyone got microfisch of this part or a stats book? hole size, length, basically a cad design would kinda be nice.
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I think you'll not find anyone with this information unless they had a new one to take some measurements for you. The necessary specs you're looking for aren't published in any of Briggs service manuals. Since it's an experimental project, I'd say you should buy one, spec it yourself and take a stab at machining one. The only specs I can provide and for what it's worth, the crankpin reject size is 1.127", the piston pin reject size is 0.674" and the stroke is 2.750". As for the girth, however, this is where you'd like an original to compare and machine a new one similar to so as not to interfere with the bore, camshaft and cylinder block.

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