craftsmen push mower making ugly - death defying noises


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craftsmen push mower making ugly - death defying noises

I have a craftsman push mower that's making a pretty hard metalic banging noise. Sounds like the engine is going to explode at some point in the future. The mower is a good ten years old but it was in storage for most of that and has only really been used the past two seasons.

the mower is push only, no self propelling mechanism. I pulled the pull start cover off and everything seems to be intact. The itself seems to be starting and running fine and there really isn't any vibration to speak of. Just one heck of a banging. The only thing I can think of is the brake system that stops the spinning blade when you let go of the handle. Does that sound reasonable? How difficult is it to work on that part of the mechanism.

I'm a pretty competant wrench with a decent amount of tools but I've never worked on small engines before.

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Is the frame bent so the blade hits??and you implyed that it did vibrate a the blade bent and hiting the deck?
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Once these mower decks start to get old,they don't sit square any more. Do all the wheels touch the floor on a level surfsce when all the wheel adjusters are set to the same height??
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As far as the braking system goes, generally, if the engine starts and runs, you should have no brake trouble. The brake system does two things, stops the engine quickly when the brake lever is released and also it kills the ignition. So, therefore, if it runs the kill system is not engaged nor would the brake mechanism. I'd look at the bent blade issue as repair_guy mentioned. Be sure to check for a bent crankshaft as well. The blade may not be bent but the crankshaft could well be and the blade would then hit the frame. Is the engine loose to the frame? A mis-timed engine could also give you a banging sound and if you suspect this you will want to have a look at the flywheel key for being sheared.
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I believe the deck is in good shape and the engine is tight to it. I'll check for the bent blade but I don't remember seeing any evidence of it hitting anything.

I live in the country and there was a good rock hitting experience earlier this season. I figured it wasn't a bent crank because the engine itself still runs dead smooth. I'll check everything over again today and post back. Thanks for the ideas.
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Another thing to check is the bolt securing blade hub to crankshaft. If it is loose it will sound like a rod knocking.

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