stupid snowblower question


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stupid snowblower question

I have a Craftsman 8/24 snowblower. Does that mean it is an 8hp motor and clears a 24" wide path?

Also, I'm listing an ad to sell this same snowblower. Any thoughts on the value of a 7-year-old Craftsman 8/24 in very good condition with no known problems? It has electric start and is self-propelled.
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Yes,you're right about the 8/24. Selling price depends on your area and time of year(now is the best time).Check the local "nickel want ads" to see what others are asking for ones similar to yours.
PS: The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked!!!!
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hard to quote a price on a machine sight unseen. And not knowing what part of the country you are has an effect as well. The BEST time and place to sell a snowblower is the day before or the morning of a big snowstorm in an area where the box stores have already sold out of snowblowers. I'd throw out a guestimate of between $150 to $300 depending on where you are, and how much snow you get in the area, and how soon the next snow storm is.
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Ok, thank you both for your input. I am in Maine (lots of snow).
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Originally Posted by tvshooter View Post
I am in Maine (lots of snow).
I can vouch for that, especially since yesterday
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I deal with lots of used snow blowers in NE. Right now a 7 year old 8/24 with electric start (no mechanical issues) is right around $300

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