Muffler Glowing Red


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Talking Muffler Glowing Red

I have a john deere rx95 with a kawasawki 12.5 hp and the problen I am having is the muffler glows red, idles fine, runs bad at higher rpm range. I have checked the flywheel pin it's ok, rebuilt the carb, replaced the plug, fuel and air filter. Cleaned the rust off the magnets on and inside the flywheel and the end of the mags(i think those are the mags under the flywheel, five coiled wire parts) Do you have any suggestion.
Thanks, Radcat
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Hello Radcat,

Usually the muffler glowing is caused by retarded timing (which the flywheel key would cause..but you've already checked that), not enough gas (lean condition), or the exhaust valve not sealing porperly. Most commonly, a lean condition caused by the carburetor, but I wouldn't rule out the exhaust vlave not closing all the way on this engine. I've seen some of them run so long that there is no clearance between the valve and the lifter, so the valve can't close all the way.
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What steps and what cleaner did you use to rebuild the carburetor? Did you use compressed air to blow out the passages? Did you use a genuine Kawi or Deere rebuild kit?
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ome kit, and used carb cleaner to clean everthing up. About three years ago i did replaced the exhaust valve because the retainer broke.

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