mower won't run


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mower won't run

i have a sears riding mower that won't start but can put jumper cables on and it will start. but as soon as take the cables off it will run for a minute then just die. and not start again unless cables are on again then dies when take them off. with out cables it wont even attempt to turn over. could it be the battery or is there something else that keeps the mower running kinda like an alternator on a vehicle. i have no idea.and if it is the battery replacing it would the battery just start it for a few times and then be dead again what keeps the battery charged.
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You will need a volt meter to be able to see if your charging circuit is indeed charging, also to test the battery.
If it will not stay running once started with a jump, will need to know more about the mower such as model#...? to determine why. Only thing I can think of off the top would be if the mower is not charging and perhaps a fuel solenoid is shutting it down...? Most of them will run once started with the battery removed completely. You can remove the battery and take it to an auto store and have it tested if you can not test it yourself.
If you have a volt meter and get the model # of the mower, we can get you a bit further.
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If you have a battery ignition engine or if you have the fuel solenoid, as AZ indicated, you must have a battery in good condition for the engine to continue running. I'll bet you have a dead battery. A voltage test, alone, may not tell you enough. You need to have the battery load tested as well. Any automotive parts store can do this and they'll usually do it for no charge.

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