Mtd transaxle


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Mtd transaxle

I have a MTD model 13am675go62 riding mower. I've had the transaxle apart for reasons I'm not going through now, looonng story. When I put it back together not on the mower, just the axle . With the wheels off the ground I turned the pulley on the top and it rotated fairly freely and the wheels rotated. I then pushed the shift selector in a notch (neutral) it spun and the wheels didn't. Good so far. I pushed the selector in all the way and spun the pulley and it was fairly free for about a rotation or so then it got sort of tight for a rotation of two. Then it does the same thing free and tight. The wheels did spin in the oposite direction as preveous. Is this normal? The extra resistace is that just the difference in foward and reverse. Also any tips on shifter adjustment? Thanks for your help with my previous electrical problem.
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The first thing that comes to mind is if one or both of the brake shaft busings isn't settled in properly. You hopefully noticed that the flange on each of these bushings has a flat side and they must be positioned properly so as not to cause binding. Another possibility is if the two bevels gears are not timed properly with the input gear. If you are off by as little as one tooth then it will bind.
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How do you go about timing the gears. Any tips on adjusting the shifter?
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Model # 13am675go62 hopefully is 13am675g062 the ending is G zero six two....

The wheels spinning opposite directions is normal.
The tight free tight free may be of concern but the difference between fwd and rev can be expected as long as there is no noise or gets very difficult to turn. Basically you have one speed fwd and a slower speed rev so you should notice the wheels spin at diff speeds in rev than fwd when turning the input pulley.

The shifter adjustment will be after installing and not anything to do with the transaxle. The varispeed clutch and shifter should be adjusted or checked when you get it all together. The owners manual usually covers the procedure, and you can download one here if you use the correct Model# and Serial#

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