John Deere 175 won't start - help?


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Angry John Deere 175 won't start - help?

Im looking for some help and advice on how to fix my JD 175, Kawasaki Engine FC420V-BS00.

For the past few weeks the mower has been a little slow to start. I've had to jog the throttle in & out of the choke position before it would start. (Previous to this it alway ran great)

I replace the spark plug a few weeks ago and all was fine.

After a few minutes of mowing, the engine stopped while in idle and will not start again. I have taken the spark plug out, cleaned it, still no luck. With the plug out of the motor, I tried grounding it to the block and no spark was observed.

How do you go about fixing a no spark problem? Ignitor problem? Some where I read about a trigger switch?

Ufortunately I do not have any repair manuals for the JD and could use any/ all advise.

Im thinking its not a major repair and simply need advice on which parts to replace or how to trouble shoot the machine.

Ive thought about a simple kill switch problem however believe the only kill switch is below the seat and simply stops the mower if the deck/blades are engaged.

All help is appreciated.

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Before anything else, install a new spark plug and give it a go. Import engines are very finnicky when it comes to plugs.
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Any luck yet, Labhiker?

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