Tecumseh 8 HP snowblower Drive-Belt Trouble


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Question Tecumseh 8 HP snowblower Drive-Belt Trouble

Hi! I have a Tecumseh 8 HP snowblower.

Serial: HM80-155359P SER 0177D

nd I'm having trouble with the drive.. When I engage the drive, it throws the belt off quickly....

The Engine hasn't been running for years... Been out of order...And last 5 years we're been fixing it... leaking gas and so on.....

Now... the problem isn't getting her to start....

When I engage the drive the V-Pulley moves towards me... (to much) and the belt just fly off!

Engine Pulley the double groove isn't right above the V- Pulley when I engage the drive.... it moves back... and

I don't get it, because that hasn't been fixing with that.... But I haven't got the old belts.... lost them....

I took some pictures of this... but will not be able to link them until tomorrow...
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We are most concerned with the brand of snowthrower you have, not the engine. When you post back include the make, model and serial numbers of the machine itself.
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The Serial numbers I got...

Lot/Model MFG.Date

And MTD 8/28 If that's something ?

And I don't have the original belt for the drive.... It's not the same... but close... I'm going to post some more later...


When I take the drive clutch (left) and still the belt is on... but when I shift lever in the some speed ( 1) and let go.. then the belt goes off... (The Drive Pulley goes away closer to friction wheel... and when the pulley and the friction meets then there is to much difference and the belt goes straight off...

Is it possible the Friction wheel is out of order ? is that ajustble ? the belt I have now is 10 mm the original belt is like 11.5 mm maybe that's the case.... but there's not even close in alignment.. The Friction Wheel the the rubber is only like 2 mm or something.. not much.. But last time this engine was used this was oki.

If anyone knows

I tried to adjust the left hand lockout rod and now nothing happens..

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Based on your model number, this should be a '91 model year and the wheel drive driven pulley/plate should remain stationary with the rubber disc assembly moving to the pulley/plate, not vice-versa. As such, you must have an alignment issue between the engine (drive) pulley and the driven pulley/plate and possibly, too, the idler pulley (provides belt tension). The correct MTD belt part number is 954-0131 and is a 3/8" belt by 35.5" long. Be sure the idler arm pivot point is free so that you obtain sufficient belt tension in order to keep it in place in the pulleys. Also, it sounds as though you should replace the rubber disc as your measurement seems minute. Post back if, in fact, I'm wrong about the stationary driven pulley whereas the driven pulley moves (pivots) to a stationary rubber disc.

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