Question on tamper quality


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Question on tamper quality

Harbor Freight has a tamper for sale and was wondering if anyone had opinions on it. Don't know if I'm allowed to post the link but the general specs for this Central
Machinery brand tamper are:

6-1/2 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek series four stroke engine
16-1/2'' x 22'' plate
Vibrations per minute: 5500
Forward travel: 25 meters per minute (0.9 mph)
EPA and CARB certified for sale in California
Tough powder coat finish
Centrifugal force: 3000 lb; Overall dimensions: 34-1/2''L x 15-1/4''W x 35-3/8''H; Weight: 189 lbs.

I've some plans for future stuff of a here and there nature in various places on the dirt acre. A few things to do around the house slab as far as grading, some walkways/paths, etc.

I'm also not the kind of guy that can lay it all out and rent a tool to do it all at once nor would picking up a rental everytime I think I need to use it be easy, so I figure for $550, it would be reasonable to have one of these tampers at my beckon call.

But the question is - is this a decent, reliable item for the price?

Thanks for any input
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I've never seen one of these first hand but, generally, any item you buy from this company is consumer-grade or lower. But for that price, how can you pass it up for what you need it for. At least the engine is reputable and will be easy to get repair parts for, when needed. As for the chassis, that will likely be a different story, I'm sure. Since these are very simple in design, you really shouldn't need to worry about this though. Perhaps a belt on ocassion would be needed and this can be found easily. Go for it. Unless someone says differently that has first hand knowledge of this unit.
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Yeah - all the things that you mentioned seemed to make sense (price included) - the B&S engine made me think it might be worthwhile looking into.

At $700, I would question my decision for my usage but at $550, it seems that it could be a neat toy to have around. Lots of 'raw' landscape on my acre - as in nothing but dirt - gives me room for ideas and I don't want to be rebuilding walkways when I can do it right with a tamper, when ever I please.

I know the commercial ones have a fat price tag and rentals put you in a strict time frame of sorts.

So like you said - until someone mentions some actual experience and tags it with a "stay away" type of response, I'll be emptying my penny jar.

Thanks for the input.

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