Briggs 10hp on a snapper rider won't start


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Briggs 10hp on a snapper rider won't start

I was mowing when the engine backfired then stopped. I was unable to start it.It had new gas. Today I put in a new plug and cleaned the air cleaner. I removed the spark plug wire holding it near the plug and turned it over. I got spark. I put a teaspoon of gas in the cylinder head and just got another backfire with no start. This is an older mower and has been used weekly for 15 years with little maintenace to engine except oil changes and plug replacement. My mechanical ability is not real good. I can do car brakes , replace starters,etc. but would like to know more about small engines. thanks

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You probably need to look at the points under the flywheel. Pull the shroud, remove the flywheel retaining nut. You may have to use a puller on the flywheel. Sometimes you can improvise by carefully prying up on the flywheel and tapping on the side of it. Go all the way around the flywheel like that. They will usually pop off.

When you get the flywheel removed check the flywheel key to see if it has been sheared. If it has, your timing was messed up by the sheared key. Install a new one. Go on and do the points either way.

The points/condenser are under the flywheel. They aren't expensive. When you get the points ask for the point gap.

Reassemble and you should be ready to go.

There are some other things (unfortunately major ones) it can be but the ignition points are the most likely, given what you have described.

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Whats the model,type and code off the engine shroud? If its only 15 years old..... briggs got rid of points after 83 so it shouldn't have any.
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If your mower engine doesn't have the point set up you probably have a valve or cam issue. It may not be something you would want to tear into.

You would have to either run a compression test or pull the head on the engine to see if the valves are working properly.

Still check the sheared flywheel key. It would affect the timng of the engine and cause what you've described.

Considering the age of the mower and its maintenance history, it may be time for a new one.

For this type of information you may want to check out or post in the Outdoor Power Equipment/Small Engine (Garden & Outdoors) section of this forum. That's where the real lawnmower people hang out.

Hope this helps,


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