MTD wiring question


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MTD wiring question

how does the solenoid wire up on a mtd yard machine i have a small green wire a small red wire and a small orange and white wire and the wires from the battery
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MTD made lots of yard machines mowers. I don't know which one you have, but none of them have that many wires that connect to the solenoid. Some of these are most likely safety switch wires, grounds, etc...

There should be a red wire with a fuse in line that connects with the battery cable to the post on the solenoid. The starter cable to the other post. The wire that gets 12 volts when the key is switched to start (and only then) gets plugged onto the spade terminal on the solenoid.
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ok got the wiring fixed i think thanks for the help now when i try to start it it turns real slow like the battery is weak it's a new battery but i can take the spark plug out and it turns fine any suggestions?
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I wouldnt count on a new battery being fully charged. You need to verify a good battery or you could spend lots of time trouble shooting for nothing.
If you have a volt meter, or battery charger, or the place you bought it should load test it for you.
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had the battery checked it's good but motor still turns like the battery is weak.
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Check the conections from the battery, especially the grounding cable where it attaches to the frame or the engine. Look at the cable ends to see if there is alot of corrossion. If the cable grounds to the tractor frame, make sure that it is clean and tight and that the engine has a good ground to the frame.

There is also a possibility that there is a problem with the starter motor, but I usually find the problem to be in the cables or connections.

Good Luck!

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