mixed gas and ratio


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mixed gas and ratio

I had my chainsaw repaired and am planning to remix fresh gas with oil. ratio of 1:50. I didn't know what to do with the old mixed gas and I was told it was ok to pure it into my mower that uses straight gas. It that true? Can I do the opposite (straight gas into a machine that required mixed)

Also I always purchase a premeasured oil (for my chainsaw) for 1 gallon of gas. Sometimes I am just a little short to a gallon. Is it Ok to use the whole bottle of oil to less than a gallon? (Maybe 2 cups short) What about 1 gallon to less oil? Would it damage my saw?
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Fuel Mix

Yes, it is ok to use mixed gas in your mower, or you can also run it in your car.

No, it is not ok to run straight (unmixed) fuel in your 2 cycle, it would cause damage to the engine.

Yes, it is ok to add your pre-measured oil to slightly less than a gallon of gas, a little extra oil won't hurt your engine.

No, it is not ok to add your pre-measured oil to more then a gallon of gas, if you don't have enough oil mixed in the fuel you can cause damage to your engine.

Oil ratios can be confusing, the first number refers to the gas and the second to the oil. For example a 50:1 means 50 parts gas to 1 part oil, so a 32:1 mix actually has more oil mixed in it than the 50:1.
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Oil is about the most important preventitive maintenance you do. If you run the saw with no oil, you will not run it long!!! 50:1 may be ok especially if the saw manufacturer recomends that ratio. All manufactures do have a recomended ratio for their products. I use between 40:1 and 50:1 in all my 2 stroke. When mixing always error on the side of "too much" oil. This may cause fouling but should not cause fatal damage like not enough oil will.
The old mixed gas will most likely burn in your other mower, however there is no real bennefit from doing so and again may likely foul the plug.
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Thank you both Axis and 30yearTech. Great info and well explained.

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