Honda CV160 ohc broken cam pulley


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Honda CV160 ohc broken cam pulley

pressure washer,

broken cam pulley and timing belt.

there is a spring in there also.

I am somewhat comfortable in trying to fix this myself......if not tooo complicated.

any advice?

I tried to search the internet for repair options and ended up here and spent half the night reading the posts!

This is great site!

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You have to split the crankcase open to replace the timing belt, it is not that difficult to do if you are mechanically inclined. I can send you a pdf file of this part of a Honda service manual that covers installing a new belt and camshaft.
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Honda pdf?

30year just what do you have for Honda .pdf? Just wandering if its a cd you personally own or perhaps online somewhere?
I know I have searched with no results and recently I think Puey was looking for IPL's for Honda...NE thing u can hook us up with?
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Honda Engine Info

I found the Honda site for Europe that has some info for the engines. They also have abreviated service manuals in pdf format that you can download for the engines. This site also has parts look up for engines, but I am not sure if all parts are the same, as I believe emmission standards for the US and Europe may differ. I do have my own parts look up cd for engines and mowers
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Yes, I am indeed in search of a good site for parts lookup. I had a quick look at this one and it is very nice but I'm not so sure that it will be well applicable, as 30year indicated, due to the fact that these are Euro models but I'll have a closer look when I have time. Thanks 30.

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