John Deere LT155 Trans trouble


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Question John Deere LT155 Trans trouble

Trans has just started to slip making a grinding sound. Whats my problem--doesn't sound good! Is there trans fluid to change, and, if so how?
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It has been my experience working as a service tech at a John Deere dealership that once they start to slip, grind, or otherwise function improperly...they're just about toast. They are also expensive both for the transaxle and the labor. 2-3 hour job and our rate is $65 an hour. You might wanna start looking on eBay for a mower near you. Sorry for the bad news.
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John Deere LT155

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME---Sure is bad news! I was driving over piles of leaves in the yard grinding them up with freedom mower when this happened with trans. Belt looks and feels to be tight, but, could it possibly be that it isn't tight enough, or, is that wishful thinking???????
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A better description could possibly reveal some other reason. Some other things to check are the idler pulleys guides and springs. Looks like you should have 3 idler pulleys and two of those are on an arm that disengage the belt with the clutch.
Make sure all the pulleys spin freely, belt for any wear. Make sure the top of the tranny is cleaned and free of debris and the fan is good shape.
Even if nothing is found here, there may still be more you can do depending on your skills and desire. However if it were me I would perhaps look for a skilled mechanic to help with further diagnosis.
Unfortunately I have yet to find one of those at a John Deere dealer....
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John Deere 155

Your thoughts are very much appreciated! I will be out of state for a week. Will check everything over when I return and post any results. Thanks to all for responding.
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If the problem is determined to be internal, then you may still be able to fix it. Most shops just replace the unit as an assembly, but it can be opened up and fixed. If you have moderate mechanical abilities, you can attempt this yourself.
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Put mower against a wall so it couldn't get away from me and pushed on forward pedal so I could watch underneath to hear and see where noise was coming from. Transmission alright, but, Great news! The input shaft pulley that the fan and drive belt is running off wobbled terribly. I removed gas tank to get at it. The spline in the pulley as well as the spline in the top spacer was worn out allowing trans to slip and make terrible noise. With parts ordered (pulley,top/bottom spacers and snap ring) and back on it runs Great! Only $15.00 for parts. Thanks to all for your time for posting your thoughts! Hope this helps others.
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Glad to hear!!! Looks like you found a "skilled" mechanic after all
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Glad to hear it was a simple fix and not too much $$$. Thanks for sharing what you found.
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The 2 "needle bearings" in the input shaft port may also be worn,
Shake the input shaft to see if it might be loose.

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