Snowthrower opinions


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Snowthrower opinions

My 16 yr old Toro single stage, CCR2000 snowthrower has seen better days. I was looking at snowthrowers at Home depot today and checked out MTD's single stage units.
5.5 hp,tecumseh,2 cycle. About $150 less than Toro.
I'm looking for the reliability that my Toro provided.
Thoughts would be appreciated.
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Can't even remember what brand mine is, it's an 8hp two stage from Menards. I think the biggest concern (after reliability) is how much you need. Where I live, the wind really blows and I can usually only throw the snow one direction. Since the driveway is more than 30' wide for a while, I needed some power. My old man has a narrower driveway in the city with much less wind, his 5hp is maybe more than he needs.
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Can't speak for the MTD single stage,but I have an MTD 8/24 2 stage starting it's 9th winter and it doesn't owe me a dime as far as I'm concerned.
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If you're a dedicated DIY'er, any brand machine you buy will be good. It all boils down to preventative maintenance and investigating a noise/problem as it occurs. The most important area of concern is if you have a local servicing dealer in your area for the brand equipment you purchase. What good is any machine if you can't reasonably get parts and/or service in your neighborhood?
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Mine is an MTD 10/28 2-stage. It's going on 10 years old and has never given me a minutes trouble. I live in an area that only averages about 30" of snow per season but my MTD keeps me from having to shovel that amount. My next thrower will have heated hand grips though!
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Thanks everyone. With so many choices and reliability concerns its good to have this site to get a sounding.
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Since your previous Toro has been so reliable, I'd suggest looking at the new Toros. Ariens and Simplicity also make excellent snowthrowers. This is an area where you pretty much get what you pay for, so really check features and quality between machines with large price differences.
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Puey61 is right if you buy a good machine and take care of it should last you forever. Case in point my gilson 8 hp dual stage is well over 10 years old and I live in a place that gets 160 inchs of snow a year and still is up to the task.

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The Toro CCR2000 - is that the one with the vanes to direct the snow?

I had one of them, worked OK, but bought a Sears 5hp two stroke single stage about eight years ago and never looked back. Gave the Toro away.

My old house had a long driveway with one very steep section. you had to get the snow off, or you couldn't get up it.

I had the single stage, but also a 5hp Ariens 2 stage self-propelled for when the snow was deep.

I moved to a house with a flat driveway three years ago and only use the single stage now. The Ariens, although good is just too big to horse around.

The two stroke, single stage blowers all have a version of the same tecumseh engine. It started out in the Toro "vane chute" blowers as about 3.5 hp, and now there are Toro versions with 6.5 hp. Pretty good little engines - I like the electric start feature for my wife, if it snows when I'm away from home.

I couldn't tell much difference in design or construction between them, but everybody says the Toros are a bit better - and they are priced higher.
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I have a 8hp/24"/2 stage MTD that I bought when the last kid moved out.. The biggest difference I've seen between mine and a Toro or Ariens is the thickness of the auger casing metal.. Otherwise, It's a Tecumseh motor on a frame like all the rest..
I grease the lube points and spray it with silicon.. They'll all last a long time if you take care of them..

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