Ariens hydro problem


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Question Ariens hydro problem

I have a Ariens hydro 16 with a 851 Eaton transmission. When I push the lever to move forward the tractor jerks and surges at all speeds. It's ok in reverse. I changed the fluid and filter as well as verify adjustments as described in the manual. Any thoughts?
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Not familiar with Ariens at all really.
Have you checked the drive belt and associated assy's? Idler, tensioning pulleys and arms ...
Is the fluid up to the proper level?
It may be also that with the fluid and filter changed, that air is not yet purged from the system.
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Everything looks like it is adjusted properly. I even adjusted the internal brake way back thinking it may heve been binding.

I've run the thing for over an hour but my neck couldn't take it any more. If it was air I think it would be purged by now.
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It may not purge itself even if it is cavitated. I am not that familiar with with them to know of any special steps during fluid and filter change.
However since the problem began after such service, and the belt is turning the input pulley normally, that is what comes to mind. If it is in the tranny I would think you could also hear something abnormal, whine or groan....

One other thing just come to mind...were the wheels removed? Are they keyed somehow?
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Is your bypass valve closed?

Usually a hydrostat will perform the same in revers as it does in forward since everything inside turns the same way, all you do is reverse the direction of the fluid flow to the motor. If it operates ok in reverse it should work ok in forward.

I guess there could be some sort of problem in the differential that could cause this. I am thinking like Azis maybe a sheared or missing drive key on the wheels....

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