Dang Ole Lawn Tractor Seat Switch


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Dang Ole Lawn Tractor Seat Switch

My Craftsman 18 HP stalls when I let out the clutch. I recently tried to defeat the seat switch by cutting the 3 wires there and pigtailing them into a wire nut. This is when the problem of the clutch/ out/ stall arose. I'll be happy just to know why there are THREE wires entering the seat switch. BTW the female under there opens when attached to the male of the main plunger switch. This tells me that to defeat the seat switch all you have to do is unplug the female from the male and it will close by itself. What do you call such a plug/switch? Where can I get another? There is no part # for it in the sears page--only the plunger switch that goes into it.
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Most likely your seat switch is not a "typical" NO, NC switch. Without model #'s and or wiring schematic its difficult to know for sure. Lots of these switches are as they are to prevent the SAFETY feature from being defeated.
If you left enough wire on the plug you may be able to splice it back in. If not, you may be able to take the plug to a small engine repair and get another.
If you post the model # we may be able to help you find more info.
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Azis is right...these aren't made to be bypassed so easily. I would reattatch the connector and repair the problem. I believe it will run if the 2 yellow (I think) wires are connected to each other, but isolated from the third wire (grey?)...for testing purposes.
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I'm a "sparkey" and had the same issue.
I would put it back together, and as I did, remove the button sw. from it's mount, then place a washer or other hard item to depress the sw., Then with good electrical tape, tape it up. Mine has been great for three years.
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MTD leaf blower.

This is an 8 HP, push type. On the front it appears that the plastic protector can be removed. I have and tried to rake the piles into it for shreadding. mixed results.

?- is there an attachment for this purpose and machine?(hose etc.)


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