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Is it possible to adjust a govener down so it -a 5 hp engine -runs slower

This engine is on a go cart
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Yes,it is possible.Two questions comes to mind.(1) - WHY,(2) - What brand engine are we talking here,B&S,Tecumseh,Honda,Kohler,WHAT???Why not just put a block of some kind under the accerator?
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The best way to limit the top RPM is to limit the travel of the throttle control, not the operation of the governor. I'll bet you're setting up a kart or mini-bike for a youngster and want to keep the top speed respectable. You can change the postion of the throttle cable mount point at the carburetor end to accomplish this so that it can't possibly get a full travel and therefore full throttle. You'll want it so that there is more slack in the cable than you should have.
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I purchased a go cart on ebay and they said the govener had been moved to slow it down for a small child , the cart is for my 12 yr. old son and I just wanted to know if that was possible so I can move it to the normal position

Thanks for the help
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I have seen some throttle setups on go-karts and mini-bikes with an adjustable stop on the throttle assy. that limits the travel of the governor. Depending on the style of throttle setup they could be adjusted by loosening up and repositioning the stop.

Top governed speed is adjustable on most all governors, regardless of the type of throttle setup. You would need a tachometer to be sure that maximum rpms of the engine are not exceeded when setting the governor.

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