Surging 10 hp tecumseh engine


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Surging 10 hp tecumseh engine

Hello everyone:

I have a generator that has a 10-hp Tecumseh motor, that surges while runnning. The only way I can smooth it out is by running the choke half closed. It sounds like a fuel mixture problem to me, and I think the adjustment screw is sealed off.Any ideas would be appreciated.
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A good cleaning will most likely cure the problem, there is probably some dirt or build up in your carburetor restricting the fuel flow through the metering jet.

Close off the fuel line and remove the bowl nut and float bowl, if it is just a little dirty, clean it up with carburetor cleaner. Make sure the orfices on the bowl nut are open and spray off the inside of the carburetor also as well as the nozzle.

If it has alot of thick build up, you may have to soak it in a carburetor dip to get it clean and install a rebuild kit.
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