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Is it safe to perform a plundge cut with a chain saw? Is it safe to cut with the top side of the bar?
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If we're talking of the same procedure, a plunge cut is a carpentry related cut and I don't see how this relates to sharpening a chain saw chain. As far as safe to cut with the top side of the bar (which I call an uppercut), all depends on your experience with chainsaws. Generally, I wouldn't recommend this for amatuers but if you know your way around saws and the effects of kickback and inertia it may be OK for you to attempt such.
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Making a plunge cut with a saw is something noone should ever attempt. It will almost certainly kick the saw back at you hard. Lots of people have been hurt this way. Cutting with the top side of a bar is generally unsafe, and should be advised against. Many people (including myself) do it when the situation lends itself to it, but if you're not experienced with one, I would reccomend not trying it. The chain can pinch and the saw can sling back at you, pulling the chain out of the pinch at the end, and cause injury.
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I wasn't aware that using the top side of the chain [upper cut] was more dangerous, but then care should always be used when operating a chain saw.

95% of my chainsaw use/experience is from cutting firewood for my wood stove. There are many times when it is better to cut from the bottom to avoid pinching the saw. It really depends on how the tree lays after it falls.
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While undercutting, if you encounter resistance the saw will kick back toward the operator. While normal cutting, the saw will draw in towards the work being cut, away from the operator.

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