Hose down electric mower


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Hose down electric mower

Can I hose down my electric mower? I just want to clean it but I don't want to wipe it with a rag...I'd rather just hose it. Is that ok?
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I don't see any reason not to hose it. The motor should be water tight. The manufacturer knows that you will sometimes cut wet grass, : get caught in a sudden storm, etc. and builds them to protect you from harm and them from liability.
Obviously, do not have it plugged in while doing the cleanup.
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Don't direct water directly at the motor and allow it to air dry for a reasonable amount of time before your next use.
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And obviously, don't do it when the motor is hot.
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I would not recommend it.
I don't recommend that a gas powered mower be hosed of either. Water gets into places where it does not belong when it's under pressure like that. It will mix with the grass and dirt that is already present and takes longer to dry, this can cause rust or corrosion to set in. If your mower is a cordless electric then there may be a printed circuit board in it and you don't want it to get wet. Remember electric motors get hot too, so the cover on these motors are designed to allow for air flow and the cover is more cosmetic than anything, if you take the cover off on most electric mowers you will find alot of grass and debris in there, if grass can get under it then water sure can also.

I would recommend compressed air to clean off your mower but not water. And thats my 2-cents worth...
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I second the notion that water gets into where it does not belong. I'd use compressed air if available, your leaf blower if you have one, or my personal method which is a "dollar store" paint brush to clean out the dust and grass clippings.
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Ok Thanks all. Will not hose down.
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Just another FYI: the manual for my electric mower (Black and Decker CMM1000 cordless) specifically says, "DO NOT POUR OR SPRAY WATER ON THE MOWER IN AN ATTEMPT TO CLEAN IT."

However, I'd been doing just that all summer long, until I just read this a couple of weeks ago. So far, there's no apparent damage but I, too, will not be doing that anymore.


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