No Acceleration


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No Acceleration

My 32cc Craftsman Blower/Vac will not accelerate to full speed. It will only accelerate to 1/4 speed.
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You likely have either a plugged exhaust system or a rich condition at the carburetor or both, if the throttle control is getting full travel, that is. If your carburetor has needle adjustments, try turning the hi-needle in about a quarter turn. If this is of no help then you'll want to have a look at the muffler and exhaust port for carbon obstruction.
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Agree with puey, but in addition also consider the age of the fuel you are using. If your fuel is old it may also cause an engine not to build full rpm's and smoke a little more.
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usually see this after some down time. mud wasp nest in the exaust outlet. or carbon buildup in the spark arrester and or exaust port.
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Agreed, probably plugged exhaust.

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