8hp Tecumseh snowblower won't idle


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Thumbs down 8hp Tecumseh snowblower won't idle

I took my MTD snowblower out of storage and wanted to make sure that all was ready for this snow season. After put gas in and pumping the primer bulb, set chock to on, it started on the second pull. Know I turned off the chock and the engine began to surge. It will surge from 3/4 throttle to idle, full throttle is good and has good power. I thought that the gas was drained last spring so as to avoid gum build up from ald gas. Would appreciate any ideas for this problem.
Thanks Whales123
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When the gas is drained, you need to make sure the the gas in the caburetor bowl is removed also.
Some Tecumseh carbs have a drain on the carb, bowl.

Either way, thecarburetor needs to be cleaned out.
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I agree, it is a carb problem. Usually when this problem occurrs, the bowl screw needs to be cleaned out. When you remove the bowl, look at the bolt that holds it on. On most of these carbs, there are 4 holes in them. Two oppose each other near the head of the bolt, one goes down through the center, and one very tiny one is near the end, in an unthreaded section of the bolt. This one is usually where the problem lies, and is very hard to see when it's clogged. Use a piece of small wire, or a torch tip cleaner to unclog it. If this doesn't solve the problem, I would proceed to clean the entire carburetor.

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Agreed and in the future, I recommend not draining the fuel but rather keep a full tank of fuel and use the proper amount of fuel stabilizer during periods of storage. The full tank will greatly reduce the chance of condensation accumulation and furthermore, I highly recommend running the engine once a month for 10-15 minutes at 1/2-throttle during storage for any and all power equipment stored during the summer months. Always check your engines' oil level before each running and shut the fuel valve off after each running.
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Thanks everyone for your help, will get working on this Saturday

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