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I have a old Noma snowblower with a 8 hp motor on it. It runs great but what concerns me is after replaceing the stock muffler with a screw in BS round screw in muffler when I see flames shooting out the muffler at high rev. I was thinking it was the ex val not seating all the way shut. how big a problem is this really ?

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Could be a few differant things,the fly wheel key,or carb out of adjustment just a little also.But since you say that it runs ok exsept for the "flames" I'd say you was right.
All there is to getting to the valves is taking the carb.off where you can get to the valve (breather) cover, and of corse the head.Which when you go back together with it you'll prob.have to replace the head & valve cover gasket.

reply with engine model# and somebody can furnish you with the correct specs.
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I did that over the summer didn't lap the valves I have tried to adjust the carb and its of no big help. Winters here and was just wondering if I could use the flames as a hard warmer or worry if it was going to blow up. :-)

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You probably should have checked the valves and seats.. Exhaust may not be seating firmly..
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Screw in type mufflers are shorter and straight through type mufflers they only have a tube going through the center with a bunch of holes punched in them this is basically the baffle. They get very hot and it's not uncommon to see fire coming out of them when it's kind of dark. If your carburetor is set rich you will see more. I have seen this quite often on engines run in the dark with the shorter screw type mufflers.
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ditto on the muffler......
After even switching one engine from a can muffler (bolt on) to a screw in muffler...., at night I never saw flames till I put in the screw in type.

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