Need help w/Sears "BrushWacker" [51.7cc] clearing saw!!!


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Need help w/Sears "BrushWacker" [51.7cc] clearing saw!!!

I inherited, two years ago, a seldom-used Sears "BrushWacker" [51.7cc] clearing saw (Sears model: 636.796243).

I've, since, found out that this unit was manufactured by Robin and has a Fuji engine (Robin model: NB50L).

Sears and Robin do not have the owner's manual that I need.
Ebay and its' vendors have been searched for these past two years with no results.

It's one powerful "screamer" and I plan on getting it running, properly, for this next season.

Is there anyone in this forum that can help me locate an owner's manual for this "beast" ???

Many thanks!
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Here's a forum link that sounds like you, or someone else with the same problem..
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If you have a Robin servicing dealer in your area, I'd check with them for what you need.
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Thanks AxlMyk for your link suggestion. I believe that already "know that guy". So, no new help there.

Puey61...I've checked with Sears and with a nearby Robin dealer. Both tell me that their manual is out of stock (and won't be reprinted).

Therefore, I'm hoping, with the help of this popular forum, to run across an individual owner of this same model clearing saw/brushcutter/trimmer and/or someone who sells manuals.

Any suggestions ???
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Did you try
They do have the illustrated parts lists including all options. They also give part #'s for the manual even though its out of print and not available through sears, the #'s may help in finding one.

With the parts list available I am not really sure of what more info the owners manual may be in restoring this unit to service.

I have worked on one myself albeit a few years ago, it was a monster but still just a small air cooled 2 stroke.

Just what is it you feel you need and will find in the owners manual?
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Hi Az:

I'm aware of and have used the Sears site to order some (over-priced) parts for this equipment.

For a clearing saw/brushcutter/trimmer, I believe that the 51.7cc engine qualifies on the "large size" end of this type of equipment. There are many uncommon parts (at least to me), such as its' Fuji engine and a TK carburetor. It's, also, unique in being a Robin, made in the UK, unit and of "commercial grade".
I plan on keeping this equipment and maintaining it as the manufacturer intended.

Azis, at this point, your tag line says it all..."Real men read the instructions". Therefore, I believe that, having the owner's manual would be really useful.
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It is built more like a motorcycle engine than outdoor power equipment.
My opinion of "Owners Manual" as far as instructions is fairly low. Most do include some pertinent info on specific operations as they would apply to the specific tool. I doubt you would find any specs or maintenance info other than plug type oil type/mix...etc.
There may be some info on the optional attatchements which would sure be handy.
Mainly tho, do not let the fact that an owners or operators manual can not be found, lead you to think that general maintenance and common sense practice will not keep your machine running in top notch form.
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owners manuel

hay bud heres the link could you send me any info you have gathered on this machine? Also im looking for blade attachments , mine came from a pawn shop and i only have the weed wacker. So if you know where i can get some attachments

They might even have parts for ya?

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Craftsman 51.7 Brushwacker

I bought my mod.# 636.796243 in 1992. Have the owners manual. How could I help you out? I had a little prob. with the fuel circuit otherwize it is a good machine.

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