Murray 46" Mower: Belt burning


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Murray 46" Mower: Belt burning

Model 46379X92A, by date code 95263 probably = 1995. 3 Blade. It is the one with ~24" lever for height adjustment with thumb button release on top [I'm told there are several lever arraingements with different belt lengths]

All views presented looking forward:
The belt goes around Right and Center Blade hubs, idler pulley and engine pulley. Where the belt goes to right hub, it passes through a metal bracket with ~2.5" H x ~6" W cutout slot.
Recently and more frequently, the belt is rubbing on front edge of metal bracket to the point it will quickly heat up, smoke, and break.
The idler pulley is slightly forward and inward from bracket. When engaged the pulley moves inward and backward.
My best guess is that as things have worn, the linkage for engaging the idler pulley has changed and is not pulling the idler pulley far enough back to clear bracket. It does not appear to be a mandrel/hub/spindle binding. The bracket gets hot as well.

Followed the 'when all else fails read the instructions' but Murray does not post manuals pre 2003. I also see B&S has bought 'some' of Murray. Creates a concern for getting replacement parts.

Does anyone know about deck adjustment for blade drive belts or have manual with instructions?
Any other thoughts on reasons rubbing?
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Here is a link to a .pdf file illustrated parts list for the model you posted.

There is an adjustment for the idler pulley. Should be a rod with and adjuster nut on it. It may need to be removed to adjust it.

Parts are available prolly even locally, but if not, use the root of the above link and should have any parts you would need.

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