John Deere F525 mower PTO problem

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John Deere F525 mower PTO problem

I have a 1994 John Deere F525 mower. I purchased it used in 2001 with a dealer rebuilt Kawasaki engine and it has been very dependable. However, it has suddenly developed a PTO problem. The engine cranks fine, but when I pulled the PTO switch to turn on the mower recently, the mower (PTO) engaged and ran fine for just a few seconds, then suddenly the mower (PTO) turned off. I pressed the PTO button off for a few seconds, then pulled it to the on position. Again the mower turned on for a few seconds, then turned off. During this process, I noticed that if I turned the engine speed down to almost idle, the PTO would engage for a longer period of time (several more seconds). It did this a few times, but now the mower (PTO) will not engage at all. Anyone else have this problem? Where should I start checking?
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It could be the electromagnetic clutch itself or the switch or even a bad ground.
You can check this with the tractor not running, however the operator present switch will need to be made (Sit in the seat) and the key be in run. Its best to have it in a "NON Working" situation for testing.
With the above met, engage the PTO switch and you should be able to hear the clutch "Click" if it is operational. It should be a quick clean CLICK and repeatable.
If not...
There is a short pigtail of two wires coming of the clutch to a plug. You can remove this plug and check for voltage when the PTO switch is engaged. This plug can also get corosion or contacts not making proper connection. If you have voltage on this connector when the clutch will not engage, then most likely the clutch itself is the problem.
If no voltage on the connector, follow the wires back and find the one that goes to ground. Inspect the wires as well for damage. Insure there is a clean solid connection. Check the connections to the switch for the same. If still no power the switch may be suspect.
These steps should at least narrow the possibilities. Intermitten electrical problems can require lots of troubleshooting to pinpoint. Gather what info you can from the above steps and see where your at.
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Some electric PTO clutches have adjustments also, if the air gap clearance is to great between the clutch plate the clutch will sometimes do as you describe. If your clutch is adjustable it should have three adjusting nuts around the outside of clutch with a little window near each adjuster to check the clearance.
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Here is a link to find parts listings for John Deere
It shows two possible clutch manuf. for your model.

Oh PS, the clutch is listed under the electrical section of the index.
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Is the battery in good shape?
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Originally Posted by cheese
Is the battery in good shape?
That would be the first thing I would check also. An electromagnetic clutch needs a fair amount of juice to work properly. If yo battery is marginal, then when it can no longer supply the required current, it will disengage. One disengaged for a while, the battery will recover a little and allow a few more seconds of operation before repaeting the problem. Check the battery and the connections on it at BOTH ends (especially the neg connection to the frame)
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Creekfarmer: I also have a Deere F525 front end mower! I just wanted to confirm what these guy's are advising. I had the same problem and it was the battery. If you have a relatively new battery rated with high cranking amps then Remove the cables from the terminal and clean them good. Amazing how a little water can corrode the connection without being visible! Checking the grounds, cleaning and tightening them as was suggested earlier, can also save you a lot of grief downstream. Now, you might be able to give me some advice! I've just acquired my F525 do you have any suggestions for me? Have you had any other issues with your unit? I am going to start a new thread as I have a couple problems. You might want to take a look and see if you've experienced the same things? Good luck and thanks in advance, Ron!
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I just bought a f525 worked great for 3-4 days then when i start it, it starts up,but when i release the brake to go it stalls,if i press the brake back in it keeps running, also if i start it and have the brake in start the blades it stalls.So in short runs great starts everytime but release the brake to move and the engine dies all the wires are good had found a lose one but nothing, is it maybe the small switch at the bottom of the brake?TY

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