enginer on onan generator won't start


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enginer on onan generator won't start

I thought I had a problem relating to the start switch and got advice to replace the voltage regulator - did that and now it seems that either that was not the probem or I have multiple problems.

With the new voltage regulator, I now get combustion when I push the start swtich, but enginee won't actually start - just pops.

The automatic choke/throttle seems strange - does not seem to stay in correct postion to start, but might be that I do not know what to look for.

Also -I noticed one drop of fuel coming from bottom of carb bowl - drop seemed orange, making me think I may have a gummed up carb (previous owner had not run it for a long time). I tried spraying in some starter fluid, but that did not change anyhting. Air filter and air filter housing seem to be missing.

Any suggestions? If I try to remove carb bowl to check, any reassembly problems I might encounter?

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Yes, you'll probably have to take the carb apart and clean it...you'll also probably need a new needle (and seat if it has a rubber seat) since you mentioned it was dripping. The no start could be the old gas, it could be flooded, a spark plug problem, low compression, stuck valve, etc... You'll want to make sure you have good compression and spark.

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