Craftsman Blower Cylinder Replacement


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Craftsman Blower Cylinder Replacement

My gas blower mdl # 358.797290 needed a new cyl because the exaust bolts became loose and damaged the threads in the exaust port of the cylinder head. Well the new cylinder came with the exaust port bolt holes not being tapped. I plan on using a 1/4-20 tap for the new bolts. No way could they be self tapping, could they?
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Yes, the muffler mounting bolts are self tapping. If you look at the end of such, you'll see that they are triangular in shape and this is the indicator that they are in fact self tappers.
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Thanks puey61. Thought I could pickup a ring compressor but I cannot find one. Searched the net, but I need one to fit the 1 3/8 piston. Any ideas?
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Try this website for ring compressors for small 2-cycle engines.

Be sure the ring is aligned with locater pin on the piston before attempting to install cylinder or compressing the ring or you may crack or break the ring.
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I have replaced the cylinder,and used my fingers to squeeze the ring in the cylinder but be careful and be sure the pin is lined up with the ring.good luck.

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I've used a hose clamp to compress rings on odd sized pistons when cylinder design allows it.
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Michael, I have all the right tools for this job but I can't get them to work properly most of the time. If you can't get Cheese's suggestion to work then here's what I do and so far it's worked every time but one. You might want to try it?

Lay the head on your workbench. Oil it and your piston really well. Use way to much oil and it will be easier! You must be real careful not to score the cylinder head no matter which technique you use! As 30yeartech said be sure your have the ring gap to either side of the ring tab inside the ring groove on the piston. Slide the piston arm off the crank so your holding the piston and not the entire engine! Set the piston onto the head insuring it is as level as possible. Compress the ring with your finger tips (The bottom of the piston and rod will be near the palm of your hand). Move your fingers around the ring as you apply light downward pressure to the piston. A slight rocking motion may be required. You'll be surprised how easy it will slide in. This is done by feel so you have to be slow, gentle and be prepared to do it for several minutes. The more of these you do the easier it gets but I did it the first time once and I assure you it will work. If you have two rings on the piston, no problem, just repeat the same technique. We sure would like to know how it works out for you? Good luck, Ron!

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