John Deere F525 Front-end Mower


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John Deere F525 Front-end Mower

Hello all & Cheese:

I recently acquired a John Deere F525, with a Kawasaki PA 540A engine, Code PA540A-A500, E/No PA540A004486 Heavy Industrial with a Mikuni Carb (No ID Info?). I removed and cleaned or replaced the entire fuel system. I soaked the carburetor 48 hours and put it back together. I didn't have a carb kit so I fabricated what I needed but the float, float valve, needle and seats looked fine? As expected I found a LOT of sand and crud around and in the main jet. I cleaned it vertically and horizontally. The O ring looked good. The fuel pump is pumping but I don't know if it's pumping properly when it's hooked to the carb? The anti-backfire solenoid was sticking so I cleaned it and oiled it well and it "Seems" to be working properly?


1) I can now crank the engine and it runs GREAT! The problem is that it just quits after about 2 minutes? It is almost like it runs the fuel out of the bowl and then quits? What's your best guess????

2) The starter turns over 90% of the time so I'm pretty sure I have a bad switch or ground and I'm pretty sure I can correct that however, it only engages the engine about 1 in 7 tries???? This is my first Kawasaki so I've never seen how these starters are made. Does this started look or act anything like the Briggs starter. If this were a twin Briggs I'd say the teeth were worn and replace them for less that $5! What do I need to do with this starter? (13.25V at the battery and 13.125V past the Solenoid)

The Mikuni Carb has no identifying info that I can find. There is what seems to be a needle valve on the bottom and side of the bowl? It is much larger and shorter that any needle valve I've seen before. If it is not screwed down tightly gas leaks out of it's hole? It does have a small rusted section on about 20% of it's tip? What's it purpose and do I have a problem here?

Is there a website for these type Kawasaki engines? I have NO IPL or OM for the unit? Where is a good place to buy parts...I'm dumber than I thought or Google is falling down on the job?

Thank you all in advance for your help, Ron!

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the running fine and dying thing could be a vacume in the gas tank. try running it with the cap off. as far as parts go, find out who sells golf and turf equipment in your area. they should be able to help. around here its austin turf and tractor 800-648-6757. let me know if you dont find a local guy. i can look it up for you if nessesary.
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You can find IPL here

There are some breakdowns for the engine as well including several carbs. The jet I think you are refering too is mainly just a drain I believe.
The fuel cap vent is worth a check I agree. In fact there was a recent thread on a 525 deere I think, might look through it for possible links or FYI.

I don't think kawasaki directly supports these engines. Its prolly a deere only item. (Someone tell me I'm wrong PLZ )
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Hi Ron!

Sounds like you've got yourself a winner of a mower there!

As for problem may be running out of fuel as you suspect. The "needle valve" that you're referring to at the bottom of the bowl is actually just a bowl drain. It should be tight all the's just there to let water out, or drain the carb for winter storage. When the engine dies, open this valve and see if fuel continues to flow from it. If there's not more than a few drops, then it's running out of fuel. Probably a fuel pump problem, but you'd want to check to be sure. The fuel cap is a possibility, but I wouls expect a plugged cap to exhibit problems after a little longer running time on a mower with a tank that size, unless you have it pretty full of gas.

Problem #2...this starter has a solenoid mounted on the starter. It is much different than a regular Briggs starter. It's more like an automotive starter. The solenoid not only makes the electrical connection to turn the starter on, but it also actuates an arm that raises the bendix gear up to mesh with the flywheel. This area probably needs cleaning. The intermittent contact in the starter is probably also due to the solenoid. This seems to be a fairly common issue with these solenoids. Replacement is about the only way you'll correct that partucular problem, but since the solenoid runs around $90, most people just live with it until it becomes more than a minor nuisance. They usually last in that condition for years.

I buy my Kawasaki parts from the local Deere dealer. I get a commercial discount there, and don't need Kaw parts often enough to hunt other sources.

These engines aren't "Deere specific". They are supported through Kawasaki as well.
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Originally Posted by cheese

These engines aren't "Deere specific". They are supported through Kawasaki as well.
Phone # and address? Or any contact info?
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Phone# 949-460-5687 for the Kawasaki small engine and power product customer service.

For illustrated parts diagrams, although I don't see the particular engine listed in this thread as being available to view.

The ones used on Deeres usually have stickers that designate them as Deere engines made by Kawasaki, but I've seen where that decal is applied or painted over the original kawasaki decal for that engine.

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Awesome thx Cheese
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Bob Roe

[FONT="Arial Black"][EMAIL="[email protected]"] I have an F525 John Deere Mower that will not start, until I put a new plug in it, almost every time. Spark seems blue and hot. It has a Kawasaki PA540A engine. I am thinking bad coil on the flywheel. Any suggestions?
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If it was the coil, putting a plug in it wouldn't matter. Are you using ngk plus? If so, don't. Use autolite or champion equivalents. NGKs tend to gas-foul very easily and are not dependable in small engines in my experience, but that's what they come with and what deere dealers sell to put in them.
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Runs about 2 minutes and dies? Sounds too quick for a vacuum in the tank to build up, and sounds too quick for a coil to heat up and ground out, but not impossible. My guess is check the fuel lines and their connections for any leaks that might allow air in. Also check the fuel filter for proper flow. Some filters are directional and don't work right if installed backwards.

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