BLOWING OIL from breather.


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BLOWING OIL from breather.

I have a TORO snowblower, (MODEL 38035) that is practically brand new, it set for about five years in an unheated garage. I have it running very well and just snowblowed 10 inches of snow here in Michigan.

The oli level is at the line on the dip stick but yet it blows out oil through the breather, I cleaned the breather and checked the drain hole to the crankcase, which is clear. The RPM,s seem to be a little high but not anything that I is alarming to me.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreaciated.

Thank you.
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Have you changed the oil?
Smell the oil..... does it smell like gas? seem watery?
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Red face

Yes, I did change the oil. The book says that it takes 21 oz. of oil which doesn't even show up on the dip stick, I'm leary of running it that low, even if I know there is 21 oz in it.
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Is the engine tilted a bit in such a way that the oil would not show on the stick? Too much oil will cause this problem, and so will over-revving the engine, which it sounds like you may be doing a bit judjing by your description.
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I'd be concerned that the oil fill tube and dipstick are correct. You have a H35-series Tecumseh engine with a bowl type carburetor and there is no chance of fuel entering the crankcase and thereby increasing the crankcase level and then blowing out the breather vent. First, though, I'd switch to 5W30 and see what happens. Perhaps the more viscous (thick) oil is not draining well enough from the breather assembly. If this yields no favorable results then take your oil tube and dipstick to a dealer in your area that has the following Tecumseh part numbers and compare yours to the dealers: 35554, tube and 35556, dipstick. The dipstick and tube both unscrew. If this, too, is well then you likely have a crankcase air leak such as a gasket, o-ring or seal.
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"The book says that it takes 21 oz. of oil which doesn't even show up on the dip stick"

If you put more than 21 oz. in it, then overfilling is the probable cause. I'd drain the oil, then put 21 oz back in and see if this resolves problem (it'll be smokey for awhile when first cranked).

Since 21 oz. didn't show on the dip stick I suspect the dipstick isn't fully inserted into the engine. Can you screw it some more down into the engine, or push it down? If not, suggest you do what Puey61 suggests.

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