tractor only runs when partially choked


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tractor only runs when partially choked

craftsman 19.5 briggss-straton will only run if choked is partially on. with choke wide open engine surges then dies, it will run and can be used with choke on but not running good, I have replaced fuel filter and removed and cleaned carb, doesnt seem to have any air leaks on intake manifold. any ideas?
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Applying choke reduces the air getting in, so you either don't have enough fuel or too much available air getting into your carb. Check your carb settings again, and if ok, then check the gaskets in and around your carb for air leaks. One methid I use is to spray carb cleaner thru one of those tiny straws that come with the can at the carb while the engine is running with as little choke as possible. If the RPMs change or the engine suddenly runs smoother while doing this, then you have found your air leak.
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It's pretty common for this to happen on these engines. The main jet in the carb is at the bottom of the bowl, and gets clogged easily, starving the engine for fuel. The fix is to disassemble the carb, clean out the bowl, remove the main jet and clean it andthe area behind it, and reassemble. The main jet is accessed through the drain plug near the bottom of the carb bowl.
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Have you had a look at the main jet yet, Vandukw?

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